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Welcome to the NEW ERA of Fat Burning - G40 EXTREME FAT BURNER 

FREE courier any where in South Africa  use discount code: G40 at checkout.


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Original Gummy Berry Juice - 250ml

  • Regulates Sugar Absorption | Suppress Appetite | Increase Energy Levels | Promotes Brain Health & Focus
  • Ant…
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Original gummy berry juice picture

Health Benefits: Weight Loss | Brain Function | Metabolic Function | Sports Performance 

Original Gummy Berry Juice Combo - 2 x 250ml Slimming Gu…

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Slender Living Diet Plan 

Fridge Magnet

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SLENDER LIVING GUMMIES SEA MOSS KETO and Vegan Friendly. Support Weight-loss, gut health, thyroid, joints, weight.

KETO & Vegan Friendly

Slender Li…

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Gummies marine collagen picture

SLENDER LIVING Gummies Marine Collagen:Keto Friendly. With Added Retinol, Biotin, Folic Acid & Keratin. HAIR | SKIN | NAILS

BENEFITS Slender Livin…

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Slender Living Detox Drops Make your health your priority with this all-natural product and feel better in 10 days. You have tried to lose weight, an…

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Slender living collagen cranberry picture

Slender Living Collagen+ Cranberry consists of Hydrolyzed Type I and Type III collagen – both types being the most important for strong hair, nails, …

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SLENDER LIVING COLLAGEN UNFLAVOURED consists of Hydrolyzed Type 1 and Type 3 collagen both types being  the most important for strong hair, nail…

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Slender Living Breast Enchancer Clinical trials have confirmed numerous benefits of these two most effective of all natural breast enhancers. Puerari…

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Aqua lean picture

AQUA LEAN Scientifically Developed for:
Crush Appetite, Destroy Cravings, Stabilise blood sugar levels, Support adrenal stress response, Support thyro…

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Apple cider vinegar picture

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR has been shown to lower blood sugar levels which could have benefits for people with diabetes. Apple Cider Vinegar has traditiona…

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